CY-1(Ordinary outdoor push-pull clothes hanger)

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Let you closer to the sun!


Texture of material A00aluminium alloy Product classification Two poles / three poles / four poles
colour Champagne/silvery
Length of drying pole 0.6m/0.8m/1m/1.5m/2m/2.5m/3m
(We can customize it at will between 0.5m and 3M if necessary)
length 0.8m 1.0m 1.5m 2m 2.5m Weight of one support
Suitable number of holes 5 6 8 12 15
The weight of two poles 0.45kg 0.56kg 0.84kg 1.12kg 1.4kg 1.0kg
The weight of three poles 0.67kg 0.84kg 1.26kg 1.68kg 2.1kg 1.34kg
The weight of four poles 0.89kg 1.12kg 1.68kg 2.24kg 2.8kg 1.67kg

(The thickness of the tube is 0.8 mm)



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Pipe mouth detail
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Channel steel

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Willow Nail





brief introduction:
characteristic:Maximize the apartment space, so that your clothes absorb sunlight from multiple angles, every time you collect clothes is full of sunshine. The utility model can solve the problems of slanting sun exposure, insufficient sun exposure and short sun exposure time.

Installation position:Balcony outdoor walls, including insulation, anti-theft windows, hollow brick, arc balcony, stainless steel railing, etc. According to different installation positions, the installation method can be adjusted.

texture of material:The clothes drying pole is made of high strength aluminum alloy. The surface is fully covered with electrostatic paint, which is colorless and rustless. The reinforced design in the middle makes the clothes drying pole more durable.Because we have a special surface treatment process, it will not oxidize and fade in three to five years. Daily also just need to use cloth to wipe before drying clothes.

production:Each process is controlled by a special person, and each part adopts the national standard to ensure the quality of products to the greatest extent, so that customers can feel at ease.

packing:We have a special color box for packaging, so as to avoid greater losses in the process of transportation. Of course, we also accept the customization of the outer packaging. If you have any related needs, you can send an email or consult us directly.

transport:We have a special logistics company for export transportation, of course, if necessary, you can use the transportation company of your choice.

sample:In case of customers' need, we can provide some samples for customers' reference and selection.

quality testing:There are product related quality inspection reports, so that you can be more assured of our products.

Solution:For customers who won't install or have other problems, you can send email to our mailbox, or call us for consultation, and we will provide solutions as soon as possible.





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