CY-2 (Ordinary outdoor push-pull clothes hanger)

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More stable, safer, more durable


Texture of material A00aluminium alloy Product classification  three poles / four poles
colour Champagne/silvery
Length of drying pole 0.6m/0.8m/1m/1.5m/2m/2.5m/3m

(We can customize it at will between 0.5m and 3M if necessary)

length 0.8m 1.0m 1.5m 2m 2.5m Weight of one support
Suitable number of holes 5 6 8 12 15
The weight of three poles 0.67kg 0.84kg 1.26kg 1.68kg 2.1kg 1.34kg
The weight of four poles 0.89kg 1.12kg 1.68kg 2.24kg 2.8kg 1.67kg

(The thickness of the tube is 1.0 mm)



Channel Steel


Channel Thickness

Half Close Up


Pipe Wall Thickness



Willow Nail


Characteristic:Using imported equipment, advanced technology, excellent production, after treatment of pipe has a strong anti-corrosion performance, oxidation resistance,car grade surface treatment. Super thick floor, after installation, the bracket is more stable and solid, the pole push and pull more smoothly, and the willow nail load-bearing is stronger. The double circle design also makes the product more beautiful.

Install:Free mobile installation, as long as there is a fixed point, the bracket can be adjusted within the length of the pole.

Customized:We also support a customization of the tube, adding support to the inside of the tube to increase aesthetics while being more stable.


Basics:When we package our products, we will package and separate them to ensure that they can be delivered to you in good condition.Of course, we will also provide additional parts to prevent damage and missing parts. We will reissue the damaged products next time. For the installation problem, we will have a detailed installation tutorial. If necessary, we can arrange the local agent to install on site.

There are many customers who will choose our products. We produce millions of products every year. We can guarantee the quality while ensuring the quantity. The qualification rate reaches 98%, and we will do every detail and every product with our heart.

Solution:Some customers may have some ideas to customize the hanger. We can provide some solutions according to the customers' ideas, including the number of holes, the customization of accessory color, and some details.

Case:For example, in a product exported to Vietnam, the customer asked us to dry as many clothes as possible under the condition that the pipe was only 80cm. After repeated tests, we drilled 12 holes on the pole to solve the problem that the pole was too short to dry the clothes.

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