CY-3 (Ordinary outdoor push-pull clothes hanger)

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Health starts with drying clothes


Texture of material A00aluminium alloy Product classification  three poles / four poles
colour Champagne/silvery
Length of drying pole 0.6m/0.8m/1m/1.5m/2m/2.5m/3m

(We can customize it at will between 0.5m and 3M if necessary)

length 0.8m 1.0m 1.5m 2m 2.5m Weight of one support
Suitable number of holes 5 6 8 12 15
The weight of three poles 0.67kg 0.84kg 1.26kg 1.68kg 2.1kg 2.15kg
The weight of four poles 0.89kg 1.12kg 1.68kg 2.24kg 2.8kg 2.30kg




Channel Steel

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Wall Thickness of Channel Steel


It is evenly weighed 50 kg, which can meet the needs of the whole family to dry. Advanced surface oxidation process is adopted.

The champagne color is treated by electrophoresis, which is not fading, rust free, durable and durable, and keeps the product bright and fresh.

The support channel steel adopts the design of aircraft slot, and the support force is stronger than CY-1, CY-2, and the pipe is thicker and appears to be more atmospheric.

Customized:We also support a customization of the tube, adding support to the inside of the tube to increase aesthetics while being more stable.


Install:It is easy to install and disassemble. As long as you screw one screw, you can remove and carry it. For the towering home, increase the air drying method which does not occupy the indoor space.

Customer feedback:The cheap price does not affect his quality. It is beyond imagination. It is very well done in detail. It always thought it would be very shaking, but it was stable after installation, which solved the problem of insufficient light.

Advantage:Our push and pull clothes rack can not only be used to dry clothes, if the balcony is long enough, we can customize long pole, so that we can also dry the quilt, and better eliminate mite disinfection and sterilization.Because we have been specializing in the production of clothes racks for more than ten years, the quality will be more reassuring compared with other manufacturers, and we will pay more attention to some details. The raw material we use is A00 aluminum, which is not easy to fade and oxidize, and is more solid.

product quality:We have the national certification test report, also has the specially assigned person to test, guarantees the product quality standard. We guarantee the quality of the products within three to five years, and they will not fade and rust.

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