CY-4 (Intelligent electric clothes rack)

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motor power 130w
texture of material aluminium alloy Wire stroke 1.15-1.26m
Host length 1.56m Thickness of main engine 7cm
Host width 31cm Lifting range 0.2-1.3m
Net weight 12-18kg maximum payload 35kg
colour Iron ash,Dream black, glacier silver
818 complete machine with 4 optional telescopic rods, length: 1.3m + 1m(4 white straight bars: 2.4m)

Optional with intermediate cross bar (towel bar)

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1)The material we use is aviation aluminum.
2)The upgraded scissor frame and willow nail are made of aluminum alloy, which is smooth and durable.
3)The multifunctional small cross bar not only has the reinforcement function, but also can meet the comfortable drying method of different clothes.
4)Hard core drive core, AC variable frequency motor, compared with ordinary DC motor, wider speed range, more silent use, longer durability.

Installation position:Whether your home is built-in balcony, solid wood top balcony, integrated ceiling, gypsum top balcony, can be installed.

texture of material:
It has a load-bearing capacity of 35kg, which is about the weight of laundry for the whole family in a week. Large bedclothes can also be easily dried, and the operation is stable and quiet.

In case of overload and over-current, the motor will decelerate automatically with the load bearing, so as to ensure the safety in the drying process in an all-round way.

Humanized retractable drying rod, no need to try to put away, save space, time to expand, can add 9 additional horizontal bars, small pieces of clothing drying, increase the drying space, to meet the needs of drying.

Wireless remote control, one key operation drying, can be fixed on the wall, can also be taken off the hand, lighting, lifting at will.

texture of material

It can intelligently sense the surrounding environment, automatically stop and drop when meeting people and objects, and the height is within reach, while protecting the safety of family members.




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