CY-6 (Aluminum hanger)

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What we pursue is not only the hanger, we are looking for a kind of life attitude, free and easy.


weight 45g
colour Rose gold, iron ash, glacier silver
width 1.5cm
texture of material aluminium alloy
purpose Wardrobe storage, balcony drying
function Anti skid, no trace, no fading, anti rust


1)Aluminum alloy materials with light weight and high strength are mostly used to make hollow thin-wall composite cross-section, which is convenient to use and reduce weight. The cross-section has high bending strength, so the hanger made of it is durable and has small deformation.

Advertising slogan:What we pursue is not only the hanger, we are looking for a kind of life attitude, free and easy.

2). Simple design, elegant appearance, smooth atmosphere, one-piece molding, ergonomic design, more fitting the radian of clothes, no traces of shoulder drying, making clothes more healthy.


3) Triangle mechanical structure, strong load-bearing, widened and thickened shoulder, bearing more excellent, has a strong heart, multiple burdens can bear.


4) Solid willow nail reinforcement, hand nailing, durable and firm, can be used for a lifetime.


Design concept:
Combined with Chinese and Western aesthetic technology, focus on modern life drying design, light luxury without high-profile design concept.
The original intention of H-type clothes rack design is for the crowded family living space. Compared with other clothes racks, it has more drying space, stronger stability, and is not easy to be blown by the wind.
Aviation grade aluminum alloy material, modern cutting process, more fashionable appearance, at home is also a beautiful scenery.

order goods:
We have 450 pieces per case. The minimum order is one case.

Our aluminum clothes rack production line for production, in order to ensure quality, we have a special person to control every level. Every machine is supervised to ensure the quality of every product.

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