CY-7 (Aluminum hanger)

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weight 75g
colour Champagne gold, iron ash, glacier silver
width 2.0cm
texture of material aluminium alloy
purpose Wardrobe storage, Clothes drying
function Anti skid, no trace, no fading, anti rust


1)All space aluminum is durable for a lifetime and full metal. It is not afraid of long-term exposure, high temperature resistance, aging and fragmentation. Because space aluminum is treated by high temperature oxidation and other special processes, it is not afraid of rain corrosion, rust and mildew.
2)Aluminum alloy thickened material, strong bearing capacity, durable, not loose fracture, uniform load-bearing 15kg, heavy clothes hang at ease.


3) A hanger can be used for hanging clothes, suspenders, trousers, towels and so on.


4) Aluminum alloy solid hook, 5mm thick design, more solid and stable, closely riveted with the main body of the hanger, strong bearing capacity, not loose.


5)Double layer hanging pole, multi-functional design.
6)20mm widened frame body, smooth without burr, durable, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform.


7)28mm widened arc design, increase the contact surface with clothes, effectively reduce the drying marks, smooth without marks.


Production: We have this perfect production line, all the equipment are imported equipment, there are special control, strict control of each production process, to ensure the quality of products.

Packaging and transportation: Each of our hangers is packed independently to prevent bumps during transportation from affecting the products. Our minimum order is 340 pieces, that is, one case.

Maintain: Because our hangers are made of aluminum alloy, they are not afraid of high temperature and will not rust, so when we need to use them everyday, we only need to wipe them with ordinary towel.

After sales: We can guarantee that our products have a 99% pass rate. If you have any comments or suggestions on our products, you can contact us directly by email, and we will reissue them for you at the next delivery.

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