CY-8 (Toilet rack)

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A good mood of the day starts with a clean room



1)Unique shape design, beautiful, generous, practical, in the iron pipe using advanced surface spray technology, stable at the same time to improve the bearing capacity, placing items more secure.
2)The use of special surface spray technology, longer service life, waterproof and durable, not easy to rust, convenient for daily cleaning and cleaning.


3)Although the traditional plastic shelf is cheap, it takes up space and is only suitable for temporary places such as rental houses. Our toilet shelf can be placed behind the toilet, which can effectively use the space that can't be used at ordinary times and make the toilet no longer messy.


4)The use of three-layer buckle type steel plate increases the use area and increases the bearing capacity.


5)Adjustable screw foot mats can effectively prevent skid, and can adjust height arbitrarily according to actual conditions, effectively avoiding unstable shaking.


Installation position:Floor type shelf, free of drilling, protection of tiles, close to the wall more safe.


Customer feedback:Due to the feedback from many customers, the iron triple hook is easy to crush during transportation due to its large volume. In order to prevent the hook from crushing again and affecting the experience, three thickened plastic hooks are used, and the paper towel hook is also thickened plastic hook.


With patents, good quality is trustworthy.


Users of some live shooting, they are very practical and convenient to our toilet shelf logo.


Transport:Each of our products adopts independent packaging, and the packaging box also accepts customization. You can contact us specifically, and we will customize it according to the needs of our customers.

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